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OMSAI’s most valuable asset is its people. We seek highly motivated, well-rounded individuals with outstanding credentials, a strong record of professional accomplishments, and best-in-class technology skills. In addition, we place high value on personal qualities such as integrity, resourcefulness, responsibility, tenacity, positive energy, and self-confidence.

OMSAI firmly believes that the success of the company is the sum total of the efforts and capabilities of our team members. We constantly strive to align our people to our core value proposition and core values, promote career development, and seek two-way feedback through informal and formal means.

OMSAI’s entrepreneurial environment is a breeding ground for high-energy, self-motivated professionals. We offer a stimulating and challenging venue where the corporate mantra of 'People Excellence' is embodied in a performance-oriented work culture. We have a work environment that is open, fair, collaborative, and conducive to continuous learning and personal growth. There is tremendous global collaboration, camaraderie, and pride among OMSAIns across cultures and geographies. We are committed to investing in our best-in-class infrastructure to enable OMSAIns to optimize productivity and creativity in their efforts to achieve client delight.

Our philosophy at OMSAI is work hard and play hard. At OMSAI, we strongly believe that team members should strive for balance. OMSAI provides for on-site recreation and work-out facilities so that you can socialize, build relationships, and collaborate in informal, recreational settings with team members. There are various social and athletic clubs at OMSAI that organize events for OMSAIns and their families and provide opportunities for co-workers to build common bonds.

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